I’m back!!!!!!!

Almost…..as you can see, it’s kind of barren around here right now. Starting over from scratch. Thanks to my good friends at GoDaddy.com, (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if they spent half as much money on striving to have a quality service as they do on fast cars and trashy commercials, they may get somewhere someday.) none of my previous site has survived. So starting over from square one with the biggest change being that I got to drop the crummy .me domain and have a “real” domain now!


So give me some time to redo stuff. I’m also rethinking just what I want this site to be. I should have plenty of time for that now that basketball season is over for me. But two more weeks (March 22nd) until I have my 3rd cervical fusion.

So keep an eye here on what’s to come. As soon as I can redo the code, I’ll have Scott’s Spot Radio back up and playing and if you just can’t wait to listen to it again, you can always follow this link.




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