UK vs. KU

Final: Kentucky 67, Kansas 59

17.5 seconds left in game: Lambs 2 free throws seal it!

36.7 seconds left in game: UK up by 8. Teague back at line misses front end of 1 and 1. But KU turns ball over.

39.8 seconds left in game: KU now out of time-outs.

53.9 seconds left in game: Teague converts 2 from line to stretch lead to 8.

54.6 seconds left in game: good UK defense forces KU turnover.

1:11 left in 2nd half: Davis converts 1 of 2 from the line to give UK a 63-57 lead.

1:37 left in 2nd half: Robinson almost get an "and 1", settles for 2 FT to cut deficit to 5.

3:22 left in 2nd half: KU on 8-0 run cut’s deficit to 7. KU has thrived in final 4 minutes of games all tourney long.

4:16 left in 2nd half: Taylor’s hoop and FT gets deficit down to 9.

4:58 left in 2nd half: Ref’s have let both teams play all game long without it ever seeming to get out of hand.

6:00 left in 2nd half: UK up 57-44. KU has just blown to many easy baskets tonight.

7:24 left in 2nd half: Why bother even guarding Withey? As the old saying goes, he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

8:55 left in 2nd half: KU just doesn’t look like they even pose a threat. Their runs seem to come more from UK apathy than anything else.

10:00 left in 2nd half: Lamb hit’s 2-3’s to stretch lead back to 16.

11:12 left in 2nd half: KU uses a 6-0 run and a quick run out after a made Wildcat basket to cut deficit to 10. Good analysis about how UK quit playing against Vandy in SEC championship game. had to Uk’s 2nd loss of season.

13:52 left in 2nd half: After a KU time out they get 2 quick buckets to trim deficit to 12.

14:44 left in 2nd half: in 30 second’s, KU blows a put back slam and has a rebound stolen away and turned into a 2 point slam for UK. Just doesn’t look like it’s going to be KU’s night now down by 16.

15:30 left in 2nd half: Davis with 2 blocks in 2nd half already. KU starting to shoot like Louisville did in semi-final trying to shoot high and over defenders.

18:16 left in 2nd half: Withey blows alley-oop. KU cannot afford to miss opportunities.

Bill Self as the teams begins the 2nd half is asked "Where do you begin?" Maybe back at 0-0 to begin the game would be best.

President Obama tells Clark Kellogg when asked about a “POTUS” rematch, "I like to retire as a champion." And I will leave it at that.

At the half, Seth Davis crowns UK the champs. No reason to watch the 2nd half now.

Halftime: KU gets the last basket to end the 1st half. Same as they did against Ohio State. But the Jayhawks trail the Wildcats by 14 and UK is showing why they have been the best team for most if not all season.

3:34 left in 1st half: How does 7′ Withey miss from point blank?

5:00 minutes left in 1st half: KU tried to run early on UK but played right into UK’s hands. Now KU’s half-court offense is failing them.

10:00 minutes left in 1st Half: Refs really letting players play HARD! Kidd-Gilchrist might end up with concussion before nights out. UK has remembered how to rebound after Saturday nigh against Louisville. KU keeping with tourney trend of slow start. Can they afford to do so against UK?


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