Tonight…LIVE at 7:00 PM EDT! The NFL…schedule? SERIOUSLY?!?

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I love football just as much as the next guy. I’ll keep up with the off-season going-on’s, follow who shows up for OTS’s and who doesn’t, who’s going to hold out and who tries to make a comeback. All relevant stuff in regards to the game itself.

But tonight the NFL Network is going to have a 3 hour…180 minutes…10,800 seconds show as they release the 2012 NFL regular season schedule. Not draft preparation, combine reviews or the NFL Follies.

The schedule…THE FREAKIN’ SCHEDULE!! With analysis to boot!!

I know that there are going to be some people that watch this. They are usually the same people that defend Bill Belichick, Greg Williams or Sean Payton saying that they are just trying to foster a competitive atmosphere for their teams. They have already started their fantasy nerdness preparation and will likely use this show to see who to sit and who to start. They will drink the proverbial Kool-Aide or whatever else the NFL tries to ram down their throat and they will do it with a smile on their face saying “Thank you sir! May I have another?”

This show is just for those people. Because no one else cares. Oh we’ll still hear the usual grumblings about a west coast or east coast team having to go cross country after a Monday night game to play an early Sunday game. But teams have known for quite a while now who they were playing and where.

Coaches only care about the first four games. They will break the season down into fourths so the only thing that the schedule means to them is whose game film do they need first? I’m sure most could care less about a game in late November or December compared to opening weekend.

The player’s care about when the bye week hits. That and whether you’re a team that has to play in Lambeau, Buffalo or New England in December. Some players might say the early season heat but they have been practicing and having two-a-days since the dead of August so I don’t believe that’s as big a deal.

In the end, teams mainly care about who they play first. That they will find out tonight and have until the first week of September to prepare and game plan for the opening game. After that, it’s the same old coach and player-speak of taking things “one game at a time”.

Meanwhile, I’m planning on watching the Reds knock-off the Cards tonight in something that should be a lot more interesting than announcing a schedule.

Now if the NFL Follies were on…I might be setting up the DVR for that!


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