Now playing…Christmas music on Scott Spot Radio!

Christmas music is now playing on Scott Spot Radio!

Yeah, I know it’s early and there will be some people who will likely groan and chastise me for starting it so early, but Christmas is a special time of the year for my wife and I. We both love Christmas and really get in to it each year. With so much decorating to do at our house we need to get an early start each year and are getting our Christmas preparations and festivities ready for the season.

I am continually surprised at the number of listeners that I gain in November when I started playing Christmas music rather early. The Scott Spot Radio stream can handle up to 50 listeners at one time and there were many times last Holiday season where people were denied a connection because the stream was full.

One of the reasons I have Scott Spot Radio is so that I can keep up on the technologies and software I use as a DJ and sports broadcaster in radio. But I also use it so that we can listen to our music library from anywhere and Christmas time is when the stream is on around the house almost all the time.

What will you hear during the season here on Scott Spot Radio? A lot of the Christmas classics. That’s something we both enjoy a little more than the rehash’s that seem to come out every year by today’s artists. But you will hear some songs from today’s stars. I also have some rare Christmas songs by famous artists you may not have ever heard before. I also love Christmas novelty/comedy songs. So expect a healthy dose of those every hour.

One of our favorite groups to listen to during the Christmas season is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You can expect to hear TSO at least twice an hour.

You can listen right here on or via Tunein! You can also listen on your smart phone via the Tunein app. Just do a search for Scott Spot Radio.

I hope you enjoy the music during this special time of the year! My regular rotation will return on December 28th.

Alissa and I want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!


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